What better way to spend the holidays than puking your guts out after a thrill ride?

Frontier Developments has released a free winter update for its roller coaster building game Planet Coaster. The PC game just came out on November 17, so this is a short turnaround for new content. That it’s free can earn some goodwill from its players.

Planet Coaster has been doing well on Steam, currently having 7,102 concurrent players at the time of this story, putting it at no. 50 overall on the platform.  Its competitor, Rollercoaster Tycoon World, also came out in November. However, it is not listed on Steam’s list of the 100 most popular games. It also has worse user reviews, earning a “mostly negative” overall score compared to Planet Coaster’s “very positive” score.

The update adds winter-themed items to the game, including a new arctic environment and the Festive King Coaster mascot. It also adds new park rides, like the Ferris Wheel-esque Collider, the Bumpin’ Derby, and even a Sleigh Ride. You can also open new shops in your park, like Cosmic Cow Ice Cream, Missy Good Donuts, and Pizza Pen.

So, even if the though  of winter and snow depresses or angers you, this update gives Planet Coaster players a lot of new, free content.