Minecraft players on Windows 10 and mobile have a whole new world to explore.

Developer Mojang announced today that the Ender Update is out for both the Windows 10 and the mobile Pocket Editions of its hit block-building and survival game. This new content brings both versions closer to the original PC release of Minecraft, while giving those players new experiences to keep them engaged. It also marks Mojang ditching the beta label for these editions, meaning that they’re comfortable enough with their feature-sets to call them full games.

Minecraft is one of the most popular games in the world — selling over 100 million copies across all of its platforms — and new content ensures that players will stick around. That popularity was so enticing that Microsoft bought Minecraft and its developer Mojang for $2.5 billion in 2014.

“The 1.0 Ender Update will add a third dimension to Minecraft — the End, and its iconic ultimate boss battle, the Ender Dragon,” Mojang noted on Xbox Newswire. “But that’s not all — after defeating the Ender Dragon, you’ll be able to explore the outer islands of the End and its mysterious End Cities.”

The update also doubles the height that players are able to build their creations, up from a 128 block limit to 256. Mojang also released a pack of Christmas-themed skins for these versions of Minecraft that can let players dress up as Santa, a reindeer, and more for $4.