Samsung has revealed that an updated version of the YouTube app is rolling out to its TVs in support of high dynamic range (HDR) content.

Google announced last month that YouTube would finally support HDR videos. For the uninitiated, HDR essentially improves the contrast of colors within a video — making shadows and highlights more distinctive (blacks appear blacker, and whites appear whiter) — and is more in line with what the human eye may see in the real world.

As Samsung is one of the most popular smart TV brands, its move to support HDR videos for YouTube is a notable evolution for the HDR standard. It’s also reflective of the broader push into HDR content, with Netflix committing to 100 hours of HDR content by 2017, and Amazon Video¬†increasingly catering to HDR, as well.

The new enhanced YouTube app will be landing on all Samsung Quantum dot TVs and UHD TVs from its 2016 lineup and will be rolling out gradually around the world from this month. There is also a dedicated HDR category within the YouTube 4K channel, so users can easily check out videos created to the standard.