Effective creative is equal parts emotion and information. Join GPS technology giant Garmin and advertising technology leader Undertone for insights into how to use data to create relevant and customized campaigns for the right person at the right time.

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The very best marketing campaigns grab them by the gonads. But it takes data to figure out exactly what goes into reaching out and touching someone. Data from customer relationship management tools and market research has always been the genesis for smart campaigns, but that’s getting — well, a little old-fashioned.

There’s a whole new world of data at your fingertips if your analytics are on point, from audience demographics, to contextual insight, to finding and nailing micro-moments — those split seconds that a customer takes to make a decision about a search, a sign-up, or a purchase. Data not only gives you information about what they’re looking for, but insight into why they’re looking for it, and what they actually need.

But data can’t just work as inspiration for a creative idea; your insights need to be the foundation of your strategy and drive your campaign from the start of every decision. Do you need to address a specific challenge? Are there particular business goals you’ve uncovered as more essential than you thought to your bottom line?

And is your strategy omnichannel? That means ensuring each message is contextually presented and targeted on the desktop, on the laptop, on mobile devices, and at every other touch point. Data can power completely personalized dynamic creative that functions in every arena — if you use it to plan ahead.

Dynamic, data-driven creative can be costly, with technology, data access and media expenses adding up, plus the cost of intangibles: there’s personnel resources, vendor selection or in-house setup, approvals across the board, testing, and creative iterations — and then metrics and measuring to continue to drive the powerful data-driven creative cycle.

It takes smart planning and deep insight into how creative innovation can impact business goals — and it drives powerful campaigns that find your customers where they want to be found, deliver what they want to see, and create powerful connections.

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Join our interactive round table discussion with GPS technology giant Garmin and advertising technology leader Undertone for insights into leveraging the dramatic power of data-driven creative.

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In this webinar you’ll learn how to:

  • Find your customers online and how to reach them
  • Refine targeting and creative with data
  • Leverage creative as the key variable in digital marketing
  • Reach out to influencers, the new gatekeepers


  • Carla Meyer, Global Digital Advertising and Social Media Manager, Garmin
  • Eric Franchi, Co-founder and SVP Business Development, Undertone


  • Wendy Schuchart, Analyst, VentureBeat