It happens. December is crazy. You get busy with work and shopping for your kids, and then you remember: you have to get your cousin Chester something for the family gift exchange on Christmas Eve.

Well, if Chester is a gamer — and you know our boy Chester loves his PlayStation — then we’ve got your back with some extremely last-minute gift ideas. With these gifts, you may not have a big package for your recipient to unwrap, but they probably won’t complain.

The big gift

Scuf Gaming or customizable Xbox One S controller

Price range: $80 – $150
Website: ScufGaming; Xbox Design Lab

Scuf's gamepads are built for pros, but they're great for anyone who takes their gaming seriously.

Above: Scuf’s gamepads are built for pros, but they’re great for anyone who takes their gaming seriously.

Image Credit: Scuf Gaming

If you want to wow your gaming friend or family member, you should give them the gift of picking out their own premium gaming controller.

For the PS4 gamer:

For the Sony person in your life, grab them a gift card to Scuf Gaming. For around $150, players can choose from a variety of colorful gamepads with high-quality customizable thumbsticks and backside paddles that make it easier to perform difficult maneuvers in first-person shooters.

My thoughts: I’ve been using a Scuf controller for a few weeks now, and it’s amazing. It feels great, and it’s super responsive. If your recipient spends extended periods of time playing games or loves to compete online, this is a must-have.

For the Xbox One gamer:

On the MIcrosoft side, I suggest going with a gift card to Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab. Using this service, Xbox gamers can choose from a variety of colors to completely customize their own Xbox One controller. You can even boot up the site and start designing the controller together as part of the present.

My thoughts: I designed my own Xbox One controller using Design Lab, and I love it. I chose University of Michigan colors because go blue. My GamesBeat colleague Mike Minotti received a code to the site as a gift, and he picked out a Mega Man-themed color scheme. I think sitting around and figuring out a controller together is an awesome, interactive last-minute gift.

Something smaller

PlayStation Vue or Sling TV

A mockup of PlayStation Vue live TV show offering.

Above: A mockup of PlayStation Vue live TV show offering.

Image Credit: Sony

Price range: $25 – $50
Website: PlayStation Vue, Sling TV

You’ll probably spend a lot of time talking about your favorite TV shows with your friends and family this Christmas. Make sure your cord-cutting recipient doesn’t miss out by giving them cable without having to sign up with a cable company.

For PS4 gamers:

PlayStation Vue is one of the best services for catching television without having to have a cable box. It has most of the channels as Comcast or DirecTV, and it even has a DVR option. A standard PlayStation Store gift card works to pay for a Vue subscription.

My thoughts: Vue is great because it doesn’t just work on the PS4. You can also get it on your PC or even some smartphones, which makes it far more versatile than a traditional cable provider.

For Xbox One gamers:

Vue, obviously, isn’t on Xbox, but Microsoft’s console does have Sling TV. This is also an over-the-internet TV solution, and it has some channels that are missing on Vue. You can gift your friends and family a single month or multiple months from Sling’s website.

My thoughts: Sling doesn’t have DVR, but it’s still a great way to watch sports like college football and the NFL.