It’s time to take part in the famous after-Christmas tradition of watching original anime content on YouTube. Why are you looking at me like that?

Gravity Rush: The Animation – Overture is a new anime available on YouTube that takes place between the original game and the sequel, Gravity Rush 2, which comes out for PlayStation 4 on January 2. It comes from Studio Khara, best known for the anime series of films Rebuild of Evangelion. You can watch the Gravity Rush animation above.

The first Gravity Rush came out in 2012 for the PlayStation Vita, later getting a release for the PlayStation 4 earlier this year. It’s an open world game with a heroine that has the ability to re-orientate gravity, which allows her to fly and climb up buildings. It takes place on a beautiful series of floating cities with a European steampunk vibe.

Basically, the game is rad, and you should be pumped for the sequel. For those of us that are counting the days until Gravity Rush 2’s release, this anime will help make the time fly just a little faster.