Before throwing your Wii U in the closet as you wait for the Switch, why not enjoy some nostalgic racing?

Nintendo announced today that Mario Kart 64 is coming to the Wii U’s Virtual Console digital store this week. Mario Kart 64, which came out in the U.S. in 1997, was one of the most popular games for the Nintendo 64, selling¬†9.87 copies.

Now, you might ask, “Hey, I already have the newer Mario Kart 8 for Wii U. Why would I want to play an older game?” Well, Mario Kart 64 has a better battle mode, offering unique levels designed for combat while Mario Kart 8 puts you in the same stages where you normally race. Also, Mario Kart 64 is just nostalgic for those of us that grew up in the ’90s.

Mario Kart 64 was the first 3D entry in the series, allowing for more dynamic tracks compared to the Super Nintendo original. It also introduced items that have stayed with the franchise since, like the dreaded blue shell.

If racing isn’t your thing, Castlevania: Dracula X is coming to the 3DS Virtual Console this week. This game gets some flak for being a downgraded port of Rondo of Blood, which¬†came out for the PC Engine and only in Japan. Still, it’s a classic 2D Castlevania game.