A series of new features were added to Telegram Messenger today, including the ability to delete or unsend a message within 48 hours of when the message was sent.

Other standout new features include shortened urls for usernames and the ability to follow data usage rates within the app. The new features are part of version 3.16 of the Android and iOS app, according to a blog post published today by the company.

The ability to edit sent messages was added last May.

As the popularity of bots ramps up and names like Facebook Messenger, Microsoft, and Alexa get a lot of attention, Telegram has continued to make significant improvements to its chat app, some you may not expect from a chat app.

Last month Telegram launched its IFTTT bot that has the ability to integrate with apps like Salesforce or Facebook or intelligent assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant. About 30 pre-made IFTTT applets (formerly called recipes) with the power to do things like send incoming Gmail emails to Telegram or ping you on Telegram every time you’re mentioned on Twitter.

Other recent changes include Instant View, a simplistic web browser, and an ultralight Telegra.ph blogging platform.

Last November, the first five recipients of the BotPrize were announced. BotPrize is Telegram’s $1 million initiative to dole out up to $50,000 to bot makers creating promising Telegram bots. Among the winners are Icon8, a bot that uses artificial neural networks to create filters like a work of art, and the game Werewolf bot.

Last October, a gaming platform launched on Telegram Messenger that allows third party developers to make their own games.