Overwatch could be adding a celebrity to its roster.

Terry Crews, an actor known for his intensity and bulging muscles, wants to voice a character in Overwatch, Blizzard’s hit team-based shooter that has over 20 million players since launching last May for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Brooklyn 99 star (or maybe you know him from those over-the-top Old Spice commercials) recently visited Blizzard and posed in front of an Overwatch logo. Crews site, ArtBuff, then today posted a story about Terry’s visit and the rumors that he could voice a new character, Doomfist. Crews then posted the following Facebook status today.

Fans have been guessing that Doomfist could become an addition to the team-based shooter since Blizzard first revealed the title. Overwatch’s debut trailer had characters fighting over Doomfist’s gauntlet, and three banners in the Numbani map show three different people who used the Doomifst moniker.

Who is "the successor."

Above: Who is “the successor.”

Image Credit: ArtBuff

Could “the successor” be the Doomfist that Crews wants to voice?

So far, Overwatch has added two characters after it launched: the sniper-healer Ana and the stealth-hacker Sombra. Since those two were a support and offensive character respectively, it makes sense that a tank (a character designed to absorb a lot of damage) could be next. The beefy-looking Doomfist could easily be a tank, and Crews bravado could be an interesting fit.

Blizzard has cast traditional voice actors for the roster of Overwatch heroes, so netting a celebrity would be a change. Also, Blizzard constantly records new lines of dialogue for its characters to match holiday events and interactions with new maps and characters. So, if Crews really wants to be Doomfist, it wouldn’t be a one-time gig.