This little bug has big dreams that you can help come true.

The stylized 2D platformer Little Bug is the latest game to seek funding on Fig, a crowdfunding site that gives people the choice to invest in a project, giving them a chance to share in potential profits. Little Bug has a funding goal of $35,000, with a deadline on February 9. It’s under development for PC and Mac for a spring 2018 release.

“In the arcade-style indie Little Bug, a young lost girl Nyah learns to harness emerging telekinetic abilities to navigate through real, metaphysical, and emotional challenges, working with her firefly companion,” Fig detailed in a press release sent to GamesBeat. “Little Bug won the Best Platformer award in Intel’s 2016 LevelUp competition and has been building interest through a recent free demo version release.”

You can try out that free demo here.

Fig has helped fund seven games, including Psychonauts 2, Wasteland 3, and Jay and Silent Bob: Chronic Blunt Punch. Famed developers Tim Schafer of Double Fine, Brain Fargo of InXile, and Feargus Urquhart of Obsidian Entertainment started the site in 2015 as an alternative to Kickstarter that focuses exclusively on games.