At the CES conference in Las Vegas today, Dell is introducing an impressive 8K Ultra HD 32-inch desktop monitor. The UltraSharp 32 will cost $4,999 when it becomes available on March 23.

I was stunned when I got a chance to look at the device during a press briefing in San Francisco last month. It’s as if Dell took four high-quality monitors, ripped off their bezels, and stuck them together seamlessly. While you might have to get up close to see all of the detail, or zoom in, you can theoretically be very productive, because you can have several things going on onscreen at once.

Other 8K monitors have previously hit the market, from the likes of LG, Samsung, and Sharp. But this one is from Dell, which has led the desktop monitor market going back to 2012, according to Statista.

This product might not sell in huge bulk, but now that Dell is making it, some types of people may want to buy it, and meanwhile competitors may look to innovate or come out with lower-priced alternatives.

The monitor shows 1.07 billion colors. And with an optional X-rite colorimeter, customers can adjust colors to get exactly what they want.

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