This trivia is over 9,000 …. somethings.

YouTube channel Did You Know Gaming‘s latest video looks at some of the little-known facts and cut content from video games based on the popular Dragon Ball Z anime. The show (and the manga that inspired it) features plenty of fighting of action, so it’s always translated well to the gaming space.

We’ve had dozens of Dragon Ball games (mostly from publisher Bandai Namco) for just about every console, from the Nintendo Entertainment System to the modern machines like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 was the most home console recent release, a role-playing/fight game hybrid that came out last October, with the portable role-playing game Dragon Ball Fusions following on the 3DS in November.. And with the new Dragon Ball Super show recently debuting in the U.S., we’re likely to see more of the games in the future.

But even as a (if somewhat lapsed) fan, it’s hard to play all of those DBZ games, so I was interested to learn some of this stuff. Although it may be more fitting to say that I was horrified after learning that Buu made a female version of himself and then shot a love beam together with her, resulting in the creation of a new race.

You can learn about that and more by watching the video above.