Nintendo is preparing to unveil all of the details about the Nintendo Switch this week as part of big event in Tokyo and New York City beginning at 8 p.m. Pacific time (11 p.m. Eastern) on Thursday, but the publisher is already revealing some details about when you can buy one from its flagship retail outlet.

The Nintendo Store in New York City will begin selling preorders for the Switch hybrid handheld/home console at 9 a.m. Eastern on Friday, January 13, according to the company’s Twitter channel. By preordering, fans will guarantee a chance to get in line to pick up the system when it launches in March at the Nintendo Store, which is where the company does typically holds festive fan events for products launches.

The tweet did not mention a specific release date or price, but that is likely something we’ll learn during the Switch reveal event. But don’t let that stop you from lining up to get your name down for one of those preorders because Nintendo says that it will only have a limited quantity.