Casinos have a new trick to make sure that you’ll be back.

GameCo, which creates video game gambling products for casinos, has released three machines based on the iconic 1991 action film Terminator 2: Judgment Day. GameCo’s products aren’t just slot machines themed around familiar movies. Rather, they are short games (45 seconds to 90 seconds long) that give players a chance to win money. The new machines will show up in casinos sometime in early 2017.

Many casinos attract an older crowd with familiar games like slots and blackjack. GameCo argues that it can bring younger people to gambling facilities by having experiences familiar to the shooting, puzzle, fighting, and racing games they play at home.

GameCo machines are playable at Caesars Entertainment locations in Atlanta City, New Jersey. Having the Terminator 2 license can attract more players to its machines. The film’s focus on action works well with familiar gaming tropes like shooting and driving.

“T2 is a world-famous classic film known for action, visual effects, and memorable characters, so it’s a great fit for the fast-paced experience we want to bring to casinos across the globe,” said Rich Maryyanek, head of global business development for GameCo, in a press release sent to GamesBeat.