Nintendo isn’t done with motion controls yet — but this time, it’s adding something new.

1-2 Switch is a Nintendo Switch launch game that enables players to stare each other in the eyes while playing. The Switch hybrid console, due out March 3 for $300, will have motion┬ácontrols, and 1-2 Switch takes advantage of this. In a trailer, the company showed a pair of cowboys having a gun duel. The game measured how long it took each player to draw their weapons, which were really Switch Joy-Con controllers, and players didn’t have to look at the screen until the action was over.

The idea is to give players a ton of minigames where they interact with one another in a party environment without having to hover in front of the television. It’s far more about playing off of the sound from the TV or the Switch console (in handheld mode) and the other player.