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An innovative check out method completely different from the traditional one, which was first seen at Apple Retail Store, is now being applied at Innisfree outlets – using Mobile POS to offer a personalized and more engaged service on-the-go which helps to bring customer experience to an unprecedented level.

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POSPi Mobile POS: Enable Service on the Go (Photo: Business Wire)

POSPi Mobile POS: Enable Service on the Go (Photo: Business Wire)

POSPi, a pioneering innovator of Mobile Retail Solutions, along with Innisfree and Bank of China, launched its Mobile POS Solution at Grand Hyatt Shanghai on Dec 15, 2016. The event bring together China’s top 2 payment service agencies UMS, ALLINPAY and VeriFone China, STAR as well as dozens of multi-national retailers to hear from Innisfree of their experience on Mobile POS successful Implementation.

“Since the establishment from 1945, Amorepacific Group has a keen interest in innovation. Innisfree, as one of the fastest growing brand under Amorepacific, has inherited the spirit of innovation and achieved a geometric growth over the past 4 years, especially in the Chinese Market. We have been pursuing innovation in products, business modes, as well as IT Technologies. We attach great importance to the customers’ satisfaction, and the application of Mobile POS allows us to offer the personalized and high-standard service to our customers at retails stores. Each of our salespersons is now equipped with a mobile POS which has successfully eliminated queuing and empowered them to response to customer’s various requests anywhere, anytime on the floor,” said Cai Jianren, General Manager of Innisfree.

“POSPi is an innovation-driven startup dedicated to Mobile Retail Technologies. We have technically solved bottleneck problems and broken the barriers of seamlessly integrating the mobile POS solution with the existing IT system of large multinational retailers, and the solution has been proven secure, reliable and efficient,” said Shao Leiming, Founder of POSPi.

“Bank of China has teamed up with POSPi to support the deployment of the new-generation payment method in Innisfree. This project marks a new step of Bank of China in the field of Mobile POS, which will help multinational retailers enter the smart retail era,” said Feng Yanrong, Senior Manager of Bank of China.

About Innisfree

Subsidiary of Amorepacific Group, founded in 2000, Innisfree has achieved a global sales revenue growth of 239%. Since it entered the Chinese market in 2011, it has opened over 300 outlets with an annual sale revenue of RMB 5.7 billion, 10 times that of 2011.

About POSPi

POSPi, headquartered in Shanghai, specializes in the R&D of innovative mobile retail technology solutions to enable retailers to step into future smart retailing era.

About Bank of China

Bank of China boasts a global financial service network with 559 overseas branches, 15,228 domestic branches and nearly 4,000 agency banks.

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