Scaling the Partner Business is Centerpiece of 2017 Strategy

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–January 12, 2017–

Philip Rooke, CEO of Spreadshirt, the e-commerce platform for spreading ideas on something tangible, has unveiled the grand plan for the company in 2017. The mission for the global enterprise includes a hyper focused scale up in the U.S. as harnessed by significant and sustained growth in the U.S. partner business and an aggressive plan to consolidate market leadership in the EU. These benchmarks will help fulfill the company’s mission to become a $1 billion entity that enables anyone to publish an idea on everything in less than 60 seconds.

After leading Spreadshirt for nearly 8 years, Rooke knows that 2017 will be pivotal for sustained corporate survival. These key market forces are driving this year’s general global e-commerce strategy for sustained long-term value:

  • Size Matters: The year ahead promises to be a tough and competitive market for smaller players as they struggle with increased marketing costs. Financing for companies without a unique niche will dry up. Serious players must grow and get really good or they will die or be absorbed by larger market players.
  • Internationalization is hard but urgent: Internationalization will get tougher, as Brexit and a trend towards protectionism make it harder to enter new regions. The EU is a bigger market than the U.S., providing a powerful incentive for those who get it right, but the U.S. market is too big to be ignored. Global entities must become market leaders in both regions for long-term business relevance.
  • Expectations vs. Market Opportunities: In the United States, every market is developed and the number of people chasing each market ends up growing faster than the overall market–making the global e-commerce market saturated and conditions more difficult.

Spreadshirt, as the European market leader, is poised to navigate 2017 successfully and skillfully. As a well-respected e-commerce business celebrating their 15th EU anniversary and 13th U.S. anniversary in 2017, they understand that they can no longer rely on what has worked in the past. Spreadshirt recognizes that the key to global dominance is to emerge as the top print on demand platform in the U.S. to deliver sustained revenue growth and credibility as a mature global brand. Spreadshirt plans to drive U.S. sales this year as fueled by these drivers:

  • New Tools for Sellers: Steep investments in the new publishing system for shop owners and designers (partner area) have resulted in increased visibility for the company’s Marketplace designers across multiple international marketplaces. Early indicators are strong: an initial rise in sales of over 25%, shop registrations are up 28% globally, and the number of uploaded designs is also up a noteworthy 36% since launch. The community of 70,000 plus active partners has attained critical mass for attracting buyers with unsurpassed designs. This is the foundation of building long-term value and profits for partners and a loyal and engaged global customer base.
  • Leading Commission Structures and Pricing: Spreadshirt’s ongoing investments in their pricing and a new commission structure will enable sellers to earn much higher commissions. Some are already earning over $100,000 a month. Consumers will also benefit from clearer pricing and great design templates for groups and teams.
  • Spreadshirt’s Collection: The ethically produced Spreadshirt Collection is the only range of clothing designed by printers for printers and has the highest customer retention within the assortment- generating nearly $30m in sales already. Spreadshirt will be introducing more fashion-orientated products to the line this year.

Spreadshirt expects to win the global e-commerce race one month at a time in 2017 by driving the U.S. growth as the world recognizes that their platform is unsurpassed by any global competitors.

About Spreadshirt
Spreadshirt, an innovative global e-commerce platform for print-on-demand apparel and accessories, empowers everyone to easily buy, sell, create and share their ideas on over 175 different products. Examples of spreading it with Spreadshirt include social influencers from all genres such as gaming, YouTube creators, entertainment, non-profit organizations and over 70,000 selling partners.

Founded in 2002, Spreadshirt is active in 18 markets, available in 12 languages, and operates five global production sites. In 2015, Spreadshirt hit global revenue of approximately $105 million, printed more than 3.6 million items, and shipped to 180 countries.

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