PC gamers can finally get into some new wrestling action.

Publisher 2K announced today that WWE 2K17 will come out for PC on February 7. It released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 last October. It was the No. 7 best-selling game that month, according to the NPD group.

That’s a long wait between a console release and the PC version, but it’s an improvement from last year. WWE 2K16 came out on console in October 2015, with the PC release following on March 11, 2016. Just like the previous game, WWE 2K17 on PC doesn’t have any new features. It also doesn’t have Steam Workshop support, which makes creating and downloading mods for it harder.

The franchise is one of 2K’s most important. It’s a consistent strong seller for the company. The series has annual releases, so 2K can depend on it to boost its lineup every year around the lucrative holiday season.

WWE 2K17 brought back backstage brawls and introduced new mechanics for taunting, submissions, and ladder matches. However, it lacked a 2K Showcase mode, something that previous WWE games had that allowed players to recreate historic matches from the perspective of a single wrestler (like Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE 2K16) or from a specific era.