Sorry, Punch-Out. Nintendo has a new boxing franchise.

Nintendo revealed more info about its upcoming fighting game Arms, which will launch this spring for the Switch, during its Treehouse stream today. Arms is a motion-controlled game, having players hold both Joy-Con controllers in their hands and then replicating boxing movements to fight.

Characters in the game have extendable arms, so you’re able to fight with your fists from a distance. You tilt the controllers to move left and right, and make actual punching motions to attack. But it’s not all motion controls, you’ll still use buttons to do things like jump. You can also grab enemies by punching with both controllers at the same time, and characters have super moves that allow you to unleash a flurry of attacks for a short time.

You can also customize your characters by equipping different fists on each hand. For example, you can use a boomerang hand on one arm, which will add more of a curve to your punches.

Fighting has a bit of a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Hits win over throws, throws win over blocks, and blocks win over hits. Players will have to anticipate their opponents if you want to win.

Stages will also have unique features. In the stream, Nintendo showed off an arena with a trampoline in the middle. Characters also have unique abilities. Master Mummy, for example, heals himself a bit when he blocks.

Nintendo made a name for itself with motion controls back with 2006’s Wii. While the Switch initially looks like a more traditional console, its motion-tracking Joy-Cons allow for different types of play.