Evernote is sprucing things up a bit.

The note-taking company announced a redesign for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch this morning, introducing a series of changes that amount to a refreshed design, colorful text, quicker ways to view notes, and slightly speedier note-taking features.


At nine years old, Evernote is — taking an optimistic view — in the midst of a turnaround.

The company’s app store rankings peaked around 2014, and then the IPO-bound company lost its CEO, shuttered international offices, raised prices, and, most recently, put out the fires from a short-lived privacy debacle. Meanwhile, competitors large and small, like Microsoft OneNote and Bear, are circling the company, hoping to capture its users.

But all Evernote needs to do is keep its apps from going stale. Otherwise, feature by feature, most of Evernote’s competitors offer the same functionality.