Want a little more reward than a well-played match the next time you boot up Paladins?

Hi-Rez Studios has partnered with Uproar to offer rewards to players of the publisher’s team shooter. League of Legends, Smite (another Hi-Rez game), and Halo 5 already use Uproar, and the idea here is that Paladins will be able to tap into its service to help retain players as it battles for mind share with Overwatch, Blizzard’s market-leading team shooter. The integration is live now for Paladins on PC.

“Hi-Rez is a community-focused organization. They really care about their customers and product, which makes them the perfect fit for Uproar,” said chief executive officer Charlie Meaden in an email interview. “We have also had some fun playing the game! We are excited to work with the studio and community.”

Players register with Uproar and earn points for completing in-game objectives or taking part in the Uproar community. They can use the points to buy in-game items like skins and currency or gear like peripherals from Razer and SteelSeries. Uproar answered my question about how many people use its service, saying that “our user growth has risen 140 percent in the last 17 days.”

When I asked about the monetary relationship between Uproar and Hi-Rez (and other companies it partners with), Meaden said, “No relationship will be identical, as the needs of every game and community are different. When we commit to integrating a new title to the Uproar platform it does cost time and money. Our job is to make users feel more engaged to go the extra mile for the games they love, which keeps them playing for longer and subsequently improving the lifetime value which puts money into the publisher pockets.”

Update, 1:53 p.m. Pacific: Uproar contacted GamesBeat and said that CEO Charlie Meaden, not COO Todd Harris, had responded to questions. We updated the story to reflect this.