When I was a kid, consoles weren’t all plastic gray or black boxes. Instead, manufacturers made their plastic look like wood because we were still figuring out aesthetics in the ’70s and ’80s. And now you can give one of your modern systems a wooden makeover.

The PlayStation 4 Pro rocking some dark wood.

Above: The PlayStation 4 Pro rocking some dark Ash wood.

Image Credit: Toast

Toast, a company that specializes in custom real-wood coverings for electronics products, now makes panels for Sony’s upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro console. Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the more powerful PS4 in November, but the system has a different exterior design than the original 2013 model. That led to Toast updating its products to match the new chassis, and it enables you to deck out your 4K-capable console in some dead trees. The wood comes cut to fit the exact size and shape of your console for $49, and you can add custom text for just $5 more.

Toast now supports Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 4 Pro. It does not have a design for the Xbox One S.

Installing the panels seems relatively simple. Toast will send you the pieces with adhesive already applied behind a 3M sheet. You just need to clean off the plastic surface of your PS4 with some alcohol, line up the pieces, and stick them to the machine.

The end result is a PS4 Pro that should look a lot more at home next to your Atari 2600 and Magnavox Odyssey in your entertainment center.