If you’re having a hard time finding the PlayStation VR, GameStop is ready to help.

The retailer announced today that it is receiving more PlayStation VR to sell to customers. It will offer them as a part of two different bundles. Both will come with the PSVR headset, a PlayStation 4 Camera, and two Move motion controllers. One bundle comes with Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, a first-person shooter/horror game, while the other includes the minigame collection VR Worlds.

PlayStation VR launched for the PlayStation 4 last October. It allows people to experience virtual reality through Sony’s newest console, not requiring a more expensive gaming computer like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. These kinds of shortages aren’t rare for the gaming industry, as we’ve seen with the Nintendo Entertainment Classic Edition.

The Until Dawn: Rush of Blood bundle is exclusive to GameStop, and it will sell for $500. You can preorder it now with an estimated delivery date of February 21. The VR Worlds bundle also costs $500.

“Our customers told us they wanted more PSVR. We listened and delivered,” said Bob Puzon, senior vice president of merchandising for GameStop, in a press release on the company’s site. “We are encouraging customers to purchase their PSVR Bundle now before we sell out of them.”

PlayStation VR just got what might be its first killer-app with Resident Evil 7, a first-person horror game that supports virtual reality. About 10 percent of people playing Resident Evil 7 used PlayStation VR.