SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 1, 2017– today announced that 27 companies will “pitch” their stories in front of hundreds of investors at the upcoming 2017 Investors Choice™ Venture Capital Conference in an effort to raise between $200,000 to $10 million per company.

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27 firms will present at the 2017 Investors Choice Venture Capital Conference held February 17, 2017 ...

27 firms will present at the 2017 Investors Choice Venture Capital Conference held February 17, 2017 in Salt Lake City and produced by (Graphic: Business Wire)

Held on Friday, February 17 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Investors Choice Conference is the oldest VC conference in the United States, as well as the largest investor conference in the Rocky Mountain Region.

“This marks the 33rd year we have produced the Investors Choice Conference, and we were overwhelmed by the number of companies interested in presenting at our conference this year,” said Brad Bertoch, President and CEO of “We now have 27 vetted firms making final preparations to deliver their 10-minute investor presentations, and I expect this will be the best conference we’ve ever had.”

Over 850 companies have turned to since its first Investors Choice Conference was held in 1984 to help them learn the intricacies of fundraising from private investors and venture capitalists. Since 2009, alumni companies and their investors have realized over $7 billion in financial returns – including venture and strategic investments, public offerings, and Mergers & Acquisition transactions (M&A).


Although the bulk of the firms presenting at the 2017 Investors Choice Venture Capital Conference come from Utah and the Rocky Mountain region, other participating companies are based in states as far away as Missouri and Washington. Products and services provided by these firms range from software to flexible semiconductors and from cosmetics to ostrich meat.

Included below is an alphabetized list of the companies currently slated to present at the 2017 Investors Choice VC Conference, along with a brief description of the products/services they offer.

  1. ActivaDerm is a cosmetic and dermatological company focused on commercializing various applications of its proprietary technology platform – the Active Transdermal Delivery system.
  2. American Ostrich Farms is a vertically integrated producer of an environmentally sustainable, 97% fat-free red meat that looks, feels and tastes just like filet mignon.
  3. AncestorCloud (from Trace) shows you more about who you are through your family’s history.
  4. American Semiconductor designs, manufactures, and integrates ultra-thin Integrated Circuits, computer chips that bend like a sheet of paper to enable flexible hybrid electronics.
  5. Bitesize provides online-based corporate and institutional training services that improve retention and job performance.
  6. Botpot has developed a robotic kitchen cooking appliance and a companion meal delivery service.
  7. Broisse & Co. is reinventing the paper towel one industry at a time.
  8. Continuum iCare is focused on solving patient non-compliance for payors, providers and patients of musculoskeletal care via a Web-based patient engagement platform specifically designed and built with special care providers in mind.
  9. Core Learning Exchange delivers a Mastery Learning Platform that combines flexible micro-credentials with a marketplace of digital learning content to enable competency-based, personalized learning.
  10. Flying Software Labs is a leading provider of SaaS business solutions for virtually all segments of the aviation business market.
  11. Giveit makes donating used goods easier than throwing them away via an easy-to-use smartphone app.
  12. gyde & seek provides travelers with private, custom tours and experiences (including insider access and handpicked guides), and is available in advance or on-demand.
  13. Helios Products has developed a breakthrough solar panel that provides more energy at a lower cost than competitors in the $10B+ global rooftop solar thermal collector market.
  14. Latitude Connect‘s cloud-based client engagement platform allows attorneys to provide unprecedented clarity, collaboration, and client satisfaction.
  15. LeanLaw helps lawyers create Lean Practices with powerful software and customer success services.
  16. liingo Eyewear empowers self-expression with eloquent eyewear and free prescription lenses.
  17. The LINK Group delivers simple, affordable and powerful Restaurant and Retail Management Solutions to empower small business owners to achieve their dreams faster.
  18. Marrek offers a MRI processing service to provide doctors with valuable heart models for personalized care and better outcomes for atrial fibrillation patients.
  19. MIDAS Education is a SaaS platform that consolidates all of a school district’s instructional platforms with one fully integrated system.
  20. Natural Intelligence is developing the next generation of computer processors by utilizing a powerful processing architecture inspired by the human brain.
  21. PEEL Therapeutics delivers anti-cancer protein nanoparticles based upon synthesized elephant genetics.
  22. ProActive has digitized, simplified and amplified traditional “Cash Envelope Budgeting” systems.
  23. Proximal Systems “offloads” mainframe systems to the cloud.
  24. ShopHero delivers turnkey ecommerce and logistics platform to the retail supermarket industry.
  25. StreamPage believes marketing is broken and has developed a proven, automated system to fix it.
  26. Veristride‘s wireless insole inserts connect with smartphones and the Internet to provide physical therapists with real-time feedback/analysis about walking and balance.
  27. XEnd Medical Systems reduce the incidence of infection and contamination caused by hypodermic needles, thereby saving lives and reducing treatment costs.


The 2017 Investors Choice Venture Capital Conference will be held from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday, February 17 at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. Company presentations will be delivered in two tracks running throughout the morning to midday. Following a lunch break, conference attendees will be able to attend several panel discussions from 2-4 p.m., as well as the closing Reception from 4-6 p.m.

In addition, interested individuals can also participate in two Investors Choice events on Thursday, February 16:

  • A Ski/Snowboard Day at Solitude Mountain Resort, and
  • An Investors Reception from 6-9 p.m. at Gallivan Hall in Salt Lake City.

Details about the Conference can be found online here. Additionally, tickets to attend the various 2017 Investors Choice events can be purchased here (at prices ranging from $150 to $645). Discount Codes to attend the Conference are available to Accredited Investors, Venture Capitalists, Strategic Investors, and Family Office executives by contacting David Politis at

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