Google today is announcing that it’s partnering with Ivyrevel, an online-only women’s fashion brand with financial backing from H&M, to build an Android app that will recommend a dress that users can buy — through the app, of course — based on data like location, physical activity, and weather.

The custom dress design changes over time in response to the latest activity and is finalized after a week of user input. The data will be available to the app through the Awareness application programming interface (API), which Google first exposed last year, and, more specifically, through the Snapshot API. Of course, users must enable permissions for data to be collected and used this way.

The app is in closed alpha before it becomes available to everyone this fall; Ivyrevel cofounder Kenza Zouiten has been testing it, along with “select global style influencers,” Google group creative business partner Jeremy Brook wrote in a blog post.

Alongside the Nearby feature that relies on beacons, the Awareness API is one of Google’s recent efforts to help mobile developers build apps that stand out from the millions of others that are available.

Perhaps not every fashionista will feel comfortable letting their mobile device do things with this level of data. Then again, having someone design custom clothing for you usually takes both time and money, so the Data Dress app may well appeal to some people.