It’s still strange to me that the Nintendo Switch is out in three weeks, but Nintendo is releasing some informative videos that are starting to make that launch date feel more real.

The Switch is due out March 3 for $300, and Nintendo has posted a “Hardware Overview” video to help get fans and potential customers familiar with what they’re paying for. This is probably the best up-close look at the publisher’s hybrid home/handheld console yet. Check out the video by clicking play above.

Of course, the video doesn’t cover all aspects of the Switch. While it gives an in-depth look at the console itself, fans will still have to wait to see how the operating system works and how the online service functions.

If you’re looking for an opinion on the device, GamesBeat went hands-on with it at an event last month. And we tried out some surprising games like Snipperclips and Sonic Mania, and you can read our impressions on those as well.