Why does the CMO of internet giant Mozilla think marketers have gotten lazy? Join our latest VB Live event to hear why over-relying on martech tools could actually be hampering your business — and why you already have all the data you need.

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Marketers have always called their work a careful balance between art and science. Prices on data analytics tools just keep dropping, cloud solutions are making integration easier, drag-and-drop interfaces are simple enough for a monkey to navigate, and automation and AI are increasingly taking the complicated bits off the table.

That means martech has become hugely available and tempting to just about anyone with a hankering to collect giant piles of data and hoard it all in a room like you’re the living incarnation of Scrooge McDuck.

But if one marketing tech tool is good, wouldn’t more be even better? If a lot of data is helpful, wouldn’t all the data it’s possible to scrape out of every corner of your customer’s life completely transform your business? And maybe the next tool you buy, or the one after that, or the even fancier version of the next one will be the game-changer.

Your problem isn’t not enough data or not having the right tool, says Mozilla’s CMO, Jascha Kaykas-Wolff. It’s buying another marketing toy because you think it’s going to help you grow — even if there isn’t really a viable product market fit. It’s keeping that data streaming in endlessly, searching for an absolute certainty that doesn’t exist and paralyzing your entire team. It’s violating the trust of your customer by asking them to give you more private data, and more and more.

And a lean data practice is the only way out.

That means collecting only the data you explicitly need to provide value to your customers, building protections around that data and improving its security and privacy, and being transparent with your customers at every stage about where, how, and why you collect and use that data.

Customers trust products more when companies build in transparency and user control, and Mozilla has seen that earned trust drive a virtuous cycle of adoption that helps keep your business growing.

To learn more about how lean data practices can grow your business, join Kaykas-Wolff in our latest interactive VB Live event! You’ll learn how a lean data effort can streamline and laser-focus your strategy and develop trust between you and your customers, get some practical tips for implementing your own lean data strategy, and more!

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In this VB Live event, you’ll

  • Discuss how big data and marketing data collection tools have made marketers lazy
  • Learn about conscious choosers and how trust can help grow your business performance
  • Hear about lean data practices and practical tips


  • Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO, Mozilla
  • Wendy Schuchart, Moderator, VentureBeat

More speakers to be announced soon