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Fire Emblem: Heroes is out, and it is a really well-made mobile game. So why are we worried about it? Because it is making a lot of money for Nintendo, and some of us are afraid that this could lead to the publisher making fewer console games.

On this week’s episode of the GamesBeat Decides podcast, host Jeffrey Grubb and anime gachapon boy Mike Minotti discuss whether Fire Emblem: Heroes is an inflection point for Nintendo. Is this the moment that we’ll look back on in several years as the reason that the publisher decided it could make a lot more money from iOS and Android development? We’re not sure, but — if that idea bums you out like it does us — we also talk about reasons that this could keep NIntendo making hardcore games for quite some time.

So join us, won’t you? Listen to the Fire Emblem discussion by clicking play on the video above, or check out the full episode below.

Here’s the audio version of the entire podcast:

And here is the full episode in video form:

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