Hitcents and Feelingtouch Games are making an offer you can’t refuse. They have launched The Godfather: Family Dynasty mobile game based on Paramount Pictures’ The Godfather films.

The Godfather: Family Dynasty features Marlon Brando as Don Corleone.

Above: The Godfather: Family Dynasty features Marlon Brando as Don Corleone.

Image Credit: Hitcents

The licensed free-to-play title is an attempt to use a major brand to revive the mob family genre, and it comes a few years after Kabam unsuccessfully tried to launch a similar game based on The Godfather on social networks. If it takes off, it could lift Hitcents to a new level in mobile games.

I’ve played the game, and it feels almost like a slot machine. It’s addictive, but the gameplay consists of tapping buttons to upgrade your family business. It takes its cue from MZ’s Game of War: Fire Age and Mobile Strike games. That means it could prove to be either really boring, or extremely lucrative.

While the gameplay wasn’t thrilling, I am intrigued about where this could go in terms of family warfare and multiplayer. Similar titles like MZ’s games have proven to be very popular, but others like Glu’s James Bond title have fallen short, despite a world-famous license.

Bowling Green, Kentucky-based Hitcents worked with Hangzhou, China-based Feelingtouch Games to co-develop the mobile title. Both companies will share publishing responsibilities throughout the world. The Godfather: Family Dynasty mobile game is now live and available worldwide for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

In the game, players will enter the notorious criminal underworld of 1945 and become Don Vito Corleone’s devoted underboss in this tale of money, power, and corruption.  While fulfilling the role of second in command to the Godfather, the player will fight for the honor and respect in order to help the Corleone’s become the most powerful family in New York City.

The Godfather: Family Dynasty

Above: The Godfather: Family Dynasty

Image Credit: Hitcents

You have to collect loot from your turf, and then spend it training your underlings and upgrading your buildings. Then you go to war with other families to take down their families. When I log in, I tap on the appropriate upgrades and then wait for the occasional story element to advance.

Directed 45 years ago by director Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather won nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It has maintained cultural relevance for decades, said LeeAnne Stables, president of worldwide marketing partnerships & licensing for Paramount Pictures.

“We are excited for Hitcents and FT Games to translate this enduring franchise into a free-to-play strategy game for mobile devices for the first time,” she said. “The Godfather: Family Dynasty mobile game combines real-time strategy with detailed RPG customization, providing users with endless entertaining gameplay. ”

Hitcents has published other mobile games such as Draw A Stickman: Epic.  FT Games’ current library of more than 40 titles have achieved over 300 million downloads worldwide.

Engaging in treacherous mob skirmishes, building and developing vast estates, and joining up with allied forces will all be essential factors in the pursuit to become a dominant crime family.

“Due to the amazing success we’ve seen from the soft launch of the game, as well as the overwhelmingly positive feedback from players, it goes without saying that we’ve been looking forward to this day with great anticipation and excitement,” said Clinton Mills, cofounder and CEO of Hitcents, in a statement. “Sharing the Godfather mobile game with the world is an honor and a privilege.”

In 2014, Hitcents partnered with Hollywood icon Tom Hanks to develop the Hanx Writer, which was the No. 1 iPad app in over 50 countries. Originally founded in 1999 as a software company by twin brothers, Chris and Clinton Mills, the company has grown from a small home office into a global game company.