Torbjorn isn’t the strongest character in Overwatch, and I think that’s unfair. But for a buff, what if Blizzard looked back to an another infamous short shooter character for inspiration?

YouTube creator Noilleber has created a video that makes Blizzard’s Overwatch team-based shooter look and play more like 1997’s GoldenEye: 007 for the Nintendo 64. Like in that classic, this reimagining of Overwatch is a four-player splitscreen game where each player gets a quarter of the screen. It’s an awesome throwback concept that makes me wish that every shooter had a GoldenEye mod. Imagine hooking up four Xbox One controllers to a laptop connected to a television at a party and playing splitscreen Overwatch matches remixed with GoldenEye gameplay.

I want that very much.

But, of course, if Overwatch got a GoldenEye mod, the community would probably have to institute a “No Torbjorn” rule similar to the “No Oddjob” rule that most GoldenEye players will remember. You see, the Nintendo 64 only had one control stick, and that meant that aiming up and down in GoldenEye was nearly impossible. Rare, the studio that made GoldenEye, relegated the Y-axis controls to those awful, tiny yellow C buttons, and that gave the shorter Oddjob character an enormous advantage because bullets would typically soar over his head.

Torbjorn would get that same advantage in an Overwatch-meets-GoldenEye scenario, and the video shows us exactly how that would work:

This is why my group has a strict "No Torb" rule.

Above: This is why my group has a strict “No Torb” rule.

Image Credit: Noilleber