You can now get an instant library of Electronic Arts games at half the price.

A membership to EA’s Origin Access program now goes for $30 per year, the publisher revealed today. Prior to the introduction of the new annual pricing tier, Origin Access had a $5 monthly option only. So now, instead of paying $60 over the course of a year, you only have to pay half that for the same content. EA is also introducing a seven-day trial for Origin Access for people who want to see what it is like.

Origin Access is a subscription service where the company’s customers can download and play games like Star Wars: Battlefront, Titanfall, and Mass Effect without having to pay for them individually. EA regularly adds new games to Access, and this likely encourages many people to maintain that subscription. Origin Access also gives players early limited-time trial versions of new EA games. Something like Battlefield 1 debuted five days before its official release date on Origin Access.

In addition to the new pricing option, EA also revealed that it is adding three new games to its Vault, which is what it calls its Access library. Aragami, Furi, and The Saboteur are now all on the service. Aragami is a stealth action game. Furi is stylistic boss brawler. And The Saboteur is a World War II action-adventure about an Irishman resisting the occupying Nazi forces in France.

Origin Access is, of course, the PC version of the EA Access service on Xbox One. EA Access has always had the $30 annual and $5 monthly pricing tiers. EA has still not said anything about EA Access coming to PlayStation 4.

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