Futurefly is launching an iMessage app called EatMessage, a selfie-based game where challenge friends to eat or dodge emojis. And in this game, your face is the controller.

Helsinki-based Futurefly is hoping to use a smartphone’s camera in innovative ways to disrupt the social messaging market dominated by the likes of Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Available in the iMessage App Store menu, the free-to-play EatMessage lets you select a combination of food emojis (such as apples, doughnuts, and pizza) and inedible emojis (like spanners, light bulbs, and rainbows). You can throw these things at your friend via iMessage.

Your friend uses the front-facing camera to go into an augmented reality world. There, your friend uses his or her mouth to catch the food emojis and dodge the inedible ones. You have to think on your feet and use your head or, rather, your mouth.

After all of the items have been successfully (or unsuccessfully) caught or avoided, an animated picture of the player, as well as a selfie complete with an amusing filter and accompanying movie quote, are sent to the other friend.

Futurefly previously launched Rawr Messenger, which incorporates 3D avatars in a messaging app.

Futurefly founder Oskari “Ozz” Häkkinen, commented, “Never before has a messaging app allowed users to play with their face and mouth, making EatMessage a truly innovative game that is pushing the boundaries of iMessage apps and messaging trends in general.”