Whether you’re a Twitch streamer or a noob, you can probably appreciate the loot from FanFit Gaming.

The Toronto-based company has come out with hand-bent lights inspired by video games. The original gaming merchandise is for people who take their gaming experience beyond the screen and into the rest of their home. In an age when games are the leading form of entertainment, it’s not a bad idea for a business.

“We celebrate the best of gaming design and aesthetic through our exclusive line of unique apparel, merchandise, and our signature neon lights,” said Rob Green, owner of FanFit Gaming.

Each piece of merchandise celebrates a character or iconic image from games.

“We strive to capture the love for some of our favorite gaming moments and experiences through our products,” Green said.

Green, a solo entrepreneur, started the company in October and opened for business on February 1. He has made gear based on games such as Overwatch and Dota 2. Green has also made pennants, keychains, and character-based toys.

FanFit has a total of nine neon lights available, and Green is working on nine more designs for early March. A gaming-themed apparel line is on the way.

“This is all to say that we have a modest selection of merchandise designed in-house with a good selection of third-party products, which comes together for a great gaming shopping experience,” Green said.