Customizing your Civilization VI experience is about to get even simpler.

Firaxis revealed today that it is going to launch an Australian Summer 2017 update for its Civ VI strategy blockbuster, and that patch will come with modding tools for the community and support for the Steam Workshop. While the game already has a healthy mod scene on sites like, the tools will make it easier for people to contribute their own creations. And Steam Workshop will enable anyone who owns the game on that PC gaming portal to search for community add-ons and to install them with one click.

Additionally, the studio announced that it is adding teams to the multiplayer for Civ VI. These kinds of updates are an important way to keep players coming back and engaging with Civ, which is one of the ways that Firaxis and publisher 2K Games maintain a long tail on its revenues beyond its substantial initial sales.

“Multiplayer teams and mod tools have been two of the community’s most-requested features, and we’re happy to bring them to Civilization VI,” Firaxis community boss Dave Hinkle wrote in a blog post. “Steam Workshop will allow you to browse, add, and subscribe to mods more easily, and the other tools will make it easier for artists and modders to express their creativity within the game. With the update to multiplayer you will be able to team up with your friends to conquer the world together against AI or human opponents.”

Of course, since this is called the “Australian” update, you can expect to have the opportunity to play as that continental nation. Australia’s prime minister John Curtin, who served in that position during World War II, will act as this new faction’s leader.