Sony’s gaming service is having troubles once again.

PlayStation Network isn’t functioning properly for everyone right now, according to a wave of complaints on social media today. This outage is preventing many people from logging into the service, and it is kicking others who were already connected out of their online games. PSN is also presenting error messages for some people who are trying to load video apps like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon.

Sony has not updated its PSN status site to confirm the outage, and it has not acknowledged the issue on its AskPlayStation Twitter account. It’s likely that this is not a major outage, but it is still affecting a significant number of PlayStation console owners.

For PlayStation Network, this is a continuation of a rocky 2017. Prior to this downtime, PSN has had five other instances of connectivity problems in the last couple of weeks. Sony has not publicly explained why it is having so many difficulties, and it is strange considering that PSN was relatively reliable throughout most of 2016.