AI ain’t a maybe anymore in the mobile commerce world. In this interactive VB Live event, we’ll dive deep into the latest Insight consumer study on bots to share how AI will transform your mobile commerce strategy, and tell you how to get started with full C-suite support.

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Chatbots are adorable, right? Those little mini-apps powered by AI, living happily inside your favorite messaging platforms and just a click away. You can chat with your favorite movie character or check the weather — or completely transform how your consumers communicate, browse, and buy with your brand.

The chatbot resurgence this past year has grabbed a lot of gimmicky headlines, but we’ve broken through the threshold of “cute idea” and into the competitive space where if you’re not leveraging AI technology, you are literally falling behind in your quest to capture customer attention where and how they want to be engaged.

The rapid-fire penetration of messaging platforms across demographics and across the world shows no signs of stopping — more than 2.5 billion people now use them, according to technology consultancy firm Activate. Plus the technology is maturing with the kind of lightning speed that is always buoyed by developers recognizing genuine real-world potential. As AI gets brighter, companies are smartening up too, with a collective smacking of foreheads and scrambling to catch up.

A business bot can combine the benefits of automation and artificial intelligence, without losing the human elements of customer service, and open up new avenues for commerce and customer satisfaction.

With chatbots powered by natural language processing, retailers gain a direct and simple avenue of constant connection and communication with their customers. That means everything from easy receipts that open a channel for immediate feedback and questions, to one-on-one conversations with customer service as the order moves from packing to shipping to delivery, unboxing, and even, sadly, returns.

Taco Bell’s Slack bot takes orders in natural language, offers up-to-the moment Crunchwrap recommendations, and can organize group orders from an office. Actual cash-changing-hands transactions are here too, with the startup Blendle among the first to integrate micropayments for news organizations. You can use an app to pay for your coffee already; with the ability of chatbots to save account data securely, you can potentially pay for anything with a lightweight and focused interaction.

You wouldn’t use a chatbot to buy a house — but why not check mortgage rates, whether you’re eligible, and make an appointment to see a financial advisor?

There are technical challenges to overcome, from evaluating, upgrading, and integrating back-office IT to security and privacy safeguards to how to actually create a bot that has the power and data it needs.

Join VentureBeat’s latest VB Live event with Stewart Rogers, director of marketing technology at VB, for insight into the latest Bot Insight consumer study, and find out where bots fit in for you, and how to get your C-suite on board.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll:

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