Vainglory developer Super Evil Megacorp announced today that it is partnering with MadGlory to provide its community with a developer API (application programming interface) for its mobile MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) through MadGlory’s new Gamelocker service.

A developer API gives access to a game’s data to other developers. This means that others can make apps and programs using data from Vainglory. These apps could help Vainglory players by showing them statistics (which characters perform best) and ranks (which players are winning the most). According to Super Evil Megacorp, more than 400 developers have already signed up to create apps with this API.

Vainglory has pushed itself in the esports space, giving out a prize pool worth $120,000 last year for its World Championship. Vainglory’s second World Championship has attracted some big name teams in the competitive gaming world.

“In any esport, there’s nothing more important than the game’s community,” said Tom Carmona, director of business development at MadGlory, in a press release sent to GamesBeat “Gamelocker is going to help Vainglory’s already rapidly-expanding, global audience engage with the game in more ways by making gameplay data accessible and digestible.”

MadGlory has also worked with Riot Games, Bethesda, Warner Bros., and more. The Saratoga Springs, NY based company also works on matchmaking, chat, and marketing programs.