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Google today announced that on April 17 it will discontinue the Spaces app it launched less than a year ago. The app will become read-only on March 3.

“As we focus our efforts, we’ve decided to take what we learned with Spaces, and apply it to our existing products. Unfortunately, this means that we’ll be saying goodbye to supporting Spaces. We want to thank all of the Spaces users who tried out the app and shared their feedback. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” Google product manager John Kilcline wrote in a Google+ post.

Spaces overlapped with parts of Google+ itself, specifically Communities and Collections, as I pointed out soon after the app became available to everyone, following a private beta.

Google regularly kills products, but a disappearance in less than a year is on the quick side of the spectrum. Last month Google killed off the “classic” Google+ experience following a redesign. The classic style dates to 2012.