8i is making 3D holograms out of people with its augmented reality software. And the company is using it to welcome people its booth at the Game Developers Conference with a hologram of astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

The company recently announced Holo, a consumer mobile augmented reality app that lets people express themselves with funny holograms.

The Holo app is currently in early beta testing on Google’s first Tango-enabled device, the Lenovo Phab2 Pro. 8i plans to launch the Holo app later in 2017 with key content partnerships and programming.

The HoloBuzz demo shows a photorealistic 3D hologram of Buzz Aldrin using 8i’s Holo beta app on Tango. It lets people take a photo with the famous astronaut. Holo lets users add holograms to their real-world environments and take videos and photos they can share with friends across their social channels and messaging apps. The app provides an innovative way for influencers across entertainment, music, and sports to reach and engage their audiences, and drive a new form of user-generated content around their brand

Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars,” premieres later this month at SXSW and will be distributed by Time’s Life VR. This world’s first room-scale legacy VR project archives Aldrin’s hologram, captured by 8i, for future generations as he shares his plan to create a human settlement on Mars and takes viewers on a journey from the moon to the red planet.

Here’s Buzz Aldrin’s brief hologram message.