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Nina Freeman, a game developer and host of the Independent Games Festival Awards, drew her loudest applause of the night before thousands of game developers as she expressed sympathy for those “affected by the Muslim travel ban.”

A number of game developers said they could no longer travel to the U.S. for the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco because of the travel ban announced by President Donald Trump.

Her outspoken comment was a contrast to the DICE Awards, where none of the recipients mentioned Trump or the travel ban.

“I urge you to donate to the ACLU,” Freeman said. She got cheers, and the table next to me stood up and yelled, “Fuck Trump” over and over.

Clearly, the developers aren’t holding back at this event. While Freeman was vocal, none of the award winners brought up Trump or the travel ban. In fact, Brendan Chan, winner of the Seumas McNally Grand Prize for Quadrilateral Cowboy, was choked up. All he said, was, “Thank you.”