Skype is continuing to turbocharge its new Linux app today with a handful of new updates that mark its transition from alpha into beta.

The Microsoft-owned VoIP app has existed on Linux for a number of years already, but users complained that it was lagging behind its Windows and Mac counterparts, with many features missing. And so last July Skype announced a new WebRTC alpha version for Linux — still missing many features, but the company has been slowly adding more smarts to the mix in the intervening months. Back in October, it added video calling, and today it’s adding a number of features you’ll no doubt recognize from their counterparts on other platforms.

In the Linux beta version 5.0 you can now make calls to mobile phones and landlines, so long as you have enough Skype credit. You can also now make one-to-one video calls to Skype users on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac — until now, it was only possible to make video calls to other Linux Alpha users. It’s worth noting here that group video calls still haven’t been enabled.

Other features added to the beta client include the ability to view screens shared from Mac and Windows desktop apps, as well as a handful of bug fixes and usability enhancements.