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What if, instead of:

“Alexa, play David Bowie on Spotify.”

you said,

“Jeeves, play David Bowie on Spotify.”

Ditto for your iPhone and Google Home. Instead of “Hey, Siri,” or “OK, Google,” what if you could personalize your device and wake it up accordingly?

Jeeves, of course, would be for those who aspire to have a butler. Samantha (from Her) might be for those needing companionship, whereas Babe (for Babe Ruth) could be a favorite for New York Yankees fans.

Given the rapid advances in voice recognition by intelligent assistants, the opportunity to personalize device names and wake-up calls seems a development just around the corner. One can readily envision the feature requiring just a few more steps when setting up a new phone or the smart audio system in a car.

Amazon is reportedly working on an Alexa feature to recognize different voices, a function I’ve been waiting for. An avalanche of similar personalization attributes naturally follow, all of which would make intelligent assistants into the most personal of assistants.

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P.S. Please enjoy this video of 50 Alexa Voice Commands. (If you’re like me, you’ll enjoy number six.)

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