Blizzard has unveiled the new hero that is joining the Overwatch team.

She is an alternative to Reinhardt.

Above: She is an alternative to Reinhardt.

Image Credit: Blizzard

Orisa is a new robotic Omnic character that has an enormous four-legged body. She is the newest tank, and she should shake up matches with her new capabilities. Orisa uses a machine gun called the Fusion Driver. The weapon’s secondary fire is a pulse shot that will suck players into a space for a short amount of time — it’s like a miniature version of Zarya’s ultimate, except it’s available more frequently. Orisa’s core ability is called Fortify, and it not only makes the robot tougher, it also neutralizes the effects of crowd-control weapons like Pharah’s concussive blast. She also has a protective barrier that is like Reinhardt’s shield, but she can place it wherever she wants.

For her ultimate, Orisa has the Supercharger, which is an item she can drop to boost the damage of her teammates as long as they are within line of sight.

This new hero is available now on Overwatch’s test servers, and she will hit the standard servers soon.

Overwatch designer Jeff Kaplan says that his team is adding Orisa to create a tank that could serve as an alternative to Reinhardt, who is a key character that most teams end up using. The new character will serve as a similar “anchor tank” to the hammer-wielding bruiser.

Orisa comes into Overwatch as it’s establishing itself as an ongoing hit. It’s maintaining a strong audience on consoles and PC, and its esports scene is growing. Blizzard is introducing the new character, however, to maintain that momentum and to keep players coming back and spending money.