The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild feels like it was put together by artists and craftsmen. It’s an amazing journey that takes you into the open world of Hyrule.

I’ve been wandering around in it for a day, and it’s a huge experience. It’s a beautiful place, full of magic and alive with wildlife, creatures, and secret places.

You start out with nothing, not even a sword. The first weapon you grab is a tree branch. You collect mushrooms and apples to eat. Then, you meet an old traveler. He tells you you’re up on top of the Great Plateau. He shows you an ancient temple in a state of decay.

Your job during most of the beginning is to figure out how to get the old man’s paraglider, so you can fly off of the Great Plateau to the lands below. I’m still in the midst of doing this while pursuing some weird Spirit Orbs as well. At first, you have to watch out because you are so lightly armed. But over time, you become more formidable as a fighter. It’s fun to see the wildlife emerge from the wild. You see fish, pigs, lizards, birds, butterflies, and lots of other creatures. At the moment, it’s a fun romp.

But, I hope to get off the plateau soon. How do I know this is a classic Nintendo game? You can’t whack the old man and steal his paraglider. Just kidding. It’s an amazing world so far, and it’s pure magic.

Here are the first 26 minutes of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

And here are another 29 minutes of gameplay.