If your personal financial management (PFM) solution doesn’t offer the personalized and predictive service your customers want, you may have already lost them. For insight into how financial service teams can optimize and evolve their current PFM solutions to improve customer engagement and loyalty, don’t miss out on this interactive VB Live event!

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For years, delivering a powerful personal financial management (PFM) solution consisted of providing consumers with basic budgeting, spending, and tracking tools. And, while many PFM users found these tools useful, many more are were still left searching for more personalized and predictive solutions to help them better understand and manage their financial wellness. Today, if your PFM solution doesn’t offer the personalized services and support your customers want, with the features they need, you’ve already lost them.

It appears the novelty of basic money management software isn’t driving customer interest and downloads anymore, so financial institutions and fintech providers have a renewed challenge: re-engineering those same financial management tools to make them not just attractive enough to catch their customers’ attention, but useful enough to get them engaged in their finances.

The problem? Most (PFM) solutions today require users to be proactive about monitoring their finances and managing their decisions to improve their financial situation. Unfortunately, the many more consumers are not financially savvy enough to make these decisions by themselves and may be uninterested, doubtful, or fearful about their own money management skills to take a more active role.

But, this is less a challenge and more of an opportunity.

In fact, financial institutions and other fintech providers understand that their biggest competitive advantage — and the key to retaining their customers — is having an intimate understanding of their clients’ financial wellness across the spectrum of life events and life-stages. With improved data aggregation, AI models, and predictive and prescriptive analytics, these financial service providers can deliver smarter, more personalized financial wellness solutions that communicate actionable suggestions and guidance that build long-term trust and loyalty.

To find out how you can deliver more meaningful and productive financial wellness solutions that deliver engagement and longevity, don’t miss out on this interactive VB Live event.

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In this VB Live event, you’ll learn about:

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  • Improving customer interaction with PFM
  • How predictive analytics and AI drive more personalized and engaging financial wellness applications
  • Driving customer loyalty and engagement with the next wave of financial wellness solutions


  • Colin Walsh, CEO and Co-founder, Varo Money
  • Keith Armstrong, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Abe.ai
  • Katy Gibson, VP Product Management, Envestnet | Yodlee
  • Evan Shuman, Moderator, VentureBeat