The chant of “Toad! Toad! Toad!” will ring out across the PlayStation Network beginning tomorrow.

Nomad Games announced today that it will bring Talisman: Digital Edition to the PlayStation 4 and Vita on March 7. The U.K. studio has made an excellent adaptation of Fantasy Flight’s 4th Edition of the tabletop game, which first debuted in 1983 from Games Workshop (this publisher is better known for Warhammer). Nomad’s digital take debuted in 2013, and this first console version joins the existing PC, Mac, iOS, and Android formats, and it offers cross-play between Sony’s home console and handheld.

The PSN version launches with seven expansions available for purchase. Each adds new characters and adventure cards, and some have their own side boards that expand the world, new endings, and other mechanics (like The Grim Reaper, which can kill characters when it lands on them — or make them stronger if they survive its deadly test):

Talisman is a fantasy board game where 2-6 players compete to see who can get to the middle of the board first, the Crown of Command. You travel through three regions, drawing cards, fighting monsters, dealing with challenging board spaces and events, and gaining magic, weapons, and other helpful items to help make your character powerful enough to defeat all comers. The digital version just released its eighth expansion, The Firelands, and it also offers some content that’s not available on the board game version, such as characters and Runestones (which grant special buffs to characters).

BlitWorks helped with the port to PlayStation. It’s worked on a number of excellent indie game ports, such as Sunless Sea and Axiom Verge.