Get your suspenders and straw hats ready, handheld gamers.

Developer Giants Software announced today that Farming Simulator 18 is coming out for Vita and 3DS this June. The series has sold over four million games since launching in 2012.

Farming Simulator is exactly what it says it is. You simulate farming, like planting crops and driving tractors. That might sound boring, but the series has attracted a following thanks to its serene gameplay. OK, some of them might just think it’s funny to own a game called Farming Simulator.

I mean, just read this description of the game:

“Immerse yourself in a new engaging Southern U.S. environment, harvesting wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, potatoes and, for the first time, sunflowers.”

Sunflowers, guys and gals! For the first time!

The series has mostly been for PCs, but we’ve seen handheld installments before. Farming Simulator 14 came out for the Vita and 3DS, while Farming Simulator 16 saw release on the Vita. Now, it might seem strange to release a new game for the Vita and (to a lesser degree) the 3DS in 2017. The Vita has had sluggish sales, while the aging 3DS line could be nearing the end of its life with the recent release of the Switch.

But Giants Software is also looking to more modern systems. The developer is working on a different entry in the series that will come out for the Switch.