mPerpetuo showcases the world’s only 64-bit RTOS running natively on Android with less than 60 microsecond scheduling latency

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 7, 2017–

mPerpetuo Inc., a Bay Area company specializing in the design of imaging devices and their underlying technologies, has developed the world’s first Xenomai implementation running on 64-bit Qualcomm apps processors. Running natively on Android, as a dual kernel, with less than 60 microsecond scheduling latency, any embedded application that requires hard real-time response can now take advantage of mPerpetuo’s technology and expertise.

Android is the most prevalent embedded OS in the market today, but does not offer hard real-time support. Many applications which include, but are not limited to drones, robotics, imaging and sensors, VR, and enhanced iOT — have such hard real-time requirements. Vendors end up choosing a secondary, non-Android OS, or even a microcontroller to run the real-time portion of their system. mPerpetuo’s dual kernel approach provides a robust architecture which on top of guaranteed real-time performance, saves on development and support cost, while minimizing complexity.

mPerpetuo has migrated significant portions of the Android user space and kernel camera stack and video framework components into the real-time domain, and has extended the industry standard Linux kernel, to allow flexible sharing of application processor resources between real-time and non-real-time domains.

“We chose the Xenomai approach to introducing real-time into Android due to its close integration with the Linux kernel, and the flexibility this creates for the user. Our solution allows a unified OS for migrating applications without the need for fixed resource allocation or complex communications mechanisms for interacting between real-time and non-real-time applications. It provides the simplest and smoothest way to introduce pervasive support for hard real-time into user space applications under Android or Linux,” said Gary Gitelson, mPerpetuo’s VP of Engineering.

About mPerpetuo : mPerpetuo Inc. ( is a well-funded start-up in the Bay Area, that has set out to solve real-world system challenges of designing image capture and display devices using vision, image processing, and real-time technologies. For more information and or live demonstrations of mPerpetuo’s portfolio, please contact at

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