Creators Media is launching Playsource to foster collaboration between indie game developers and fans.

Los Angeles-based Playsource wants indie game creators to be able to communicate directly with fans as they design their latest concepts.

With Playsource, developers in the digital download and board game space can showcase their latest ideas. Games that are a part of Playsource will have a page with the latest updates directly from its creators so that fans will be able to play the game as it develops over time. The page will also feature fan posts alongside those of the game’s creators, resulting in a seamless flow of feedback.

Playsource, created by Samuel Axon and Tim Horton, is one of the many tools that Creators Media is employing to empower fans and give them the opportunity to be a part of the creative process.

Fans will have the opportunity to join scheduled playtests and live chats with the creators, or write their own articles to voice their opinions, further tying into the community component.


Above: Playsource

Image Credit: Playsource

“Playsource is about connecting players with the creators of their favorite games,” said Horton, business development manager at Playsource, in a statement. “Developing this relationship will bring indie games to life, and out of this process comes a game with all fan needs and desires built in”.

In addition to allowing creators and fans to develop games together, Playsource is focused on giving every game its best opportunity for success by offering support services to assist game creators with content, marketing, PR and community management. Packages will include services provided by industry experts in marketing and PR, as well as educational materials so independent game creators can learn the skills they need to succeed.

Creators Media is one of the biggest entertainment publishers in the US and has become a forerunner in live social-video broadcasts in the movie and gaming world through its distribution to a network of over 32 million unique fans. As a moderated open-posting platform, Creators Media offers fans a voice and mass distribution through its publication’s Movie Pilot, Now Loading, and Champions.