It’s time to put on your dancing shoes. Solid Pixels is launching a crowdfunding campaign for Rhythm Shoes, smart shoes that can help people learn how to dance.

This is one more example of the Internet of Things, or making everyday objects smart and connected. The shoes have sensors and vibrating feedback that help you move the right foot at the right time and then analyze your results.

The New York company is seeking to raise $40,000 on the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform.

The smart shoes sync with an app to provide interactive dance lessons, including videos that show you what to do during the dance.

The shoes contain a number of sensors that sync up to the accompanying rhythm app. This app then delivers visual dance lessons, while sending vibrations to the shoes to indicate where to step and how to move your upper body.

The shoes are fitted with Bluetooth technology that helps link the sensors to the app. Built-in motion (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer) and pressure sensors can also offer feedback about each dance move, recommending tweaks and changes. You simply choose your lesson and use the vibrations to help guide your steps.

Cesar Gutierrez, the creator of Rhythm Shoes, said in a statement: “Dancing is a fantastic way to keep fit and flex the mental muscles — but for a long time, many people saw learning to dance as a costly and complicated process. Our rhythm shows make it easy for dance enthusiasts to break the curse of ‘two left feet’ and learn how to dance in a range of styles.”

The app’s progress tracking allows you to see how you’ve improved over time. Weekly charts display how many steps you’ve done, your performance rate, your total time spent dancing, and the amount of calories you’ve burned dancing. You get badges for important milestones, and earning points for each move successfully completed helps gamify the sometimes slow process of learning to dance.

“Using the rhythm app, you can set up your profile to find new dance partners, share your progress or challenge your friends,” Gutierrez said. “We’re even introducing a visual learning element, with live rhythm classes in major cities, where our users can perfect their technique and meet other dancers in their area.”


Rhythm Shoes tell you which foot to move when dancing.

Above: Rhythm Shoes tell you which foot to move when dancing.

Image Credit: Rhythm Shoes